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Connelly Partners’ Director of Integrated Production Barry Frechette Makes History with his Documentary, Paper Lanterns

Last week, President Obama made history as the first sitting US President to visit Hiroshima since the Atomic Bomb was dropped 71 years ago.  Our Director of Integrated Production at Connelly Partners, Barry Frechette is making some history of his own, through his documentary, “Paper Lanterns”.

It’s not widely known that when the US bombed Hiroshima at the end of World War II, 12 US Prisoners of War were among the casualties.  A witness, Japanese citizen Shigeaki Mori was only 8 years old when the devastation occurred, and made it his life’s work to memorialize the POWs.  Barry made it part of his life’s work to tell the story of Mori “Paper Lanterns”.   The film follows the families POWs Normand Brissette of Lowell, Massachusetts and Ralph Neal of Harrodsburg, Kentucky as Mori shares the details of their last days.

In light of President Obama’s momentous visit to Hiroshima, some well-deserved attention was shed on Barry and “Paper Lanterns” from stories in USA Today, the New York Times and broadcasts on CBS, PBS NewsHour and Greater Boston, among many others.

For more information on Barry Frechette’s documentary and its next screenings, visit:

Paper Lanterns Trailer April 2016 from barry frechette on Vimeo.

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