Masterclass Experience

Building on the rich history of Arthur Guinness’ legacy, Connelly Partners Dublin devised the unique GUINNESS Masterclass Experience, the very first of its kind. Crafting a distinct identity and devising the creative and technical communication channels from the invitation to execution, Connelly Partners Dublin ensured that all participants received a true Masterclass experience – an experience as smooth and enjoyable as a pint of GUINNESS itself.

“We’ve run the GUINNESS Masterclass – GUINNESS premium B2B global ambassadorial programme – with Connelly Partners Dublin for nearly a decade now, and every time they deliver. The standard of the creative produced is always up to the highest standard of the GUINNESS brand. The team are thorough and efficient, innovative, and always ensure the programme runs smoothly from start to finish, with participants (global senior Diageo executives), consistently commenting on the high standard of the programme.”
Vicki McGrath,