National Scholastic Athletics Foundation

Mobile App Development

The NSAF hosts three of the country’s biggest annual national high school track & field meets. For New Balance Nationals, we saw an opportunity to build a mobile experience that would foster a deeper connection between the weekend’s events, the participants and those keeping tabs at home.

With the NSAF Race Day mobile app, athletes and their coaches can now receive updates and official results in real time instead of after the event. Between a host of features — live event streams, video highlights, among others — and the visibility of the event itself, the app provides a launchpad for athletes’ futures and an invaluable tool for recruiters to find their next star athlete.

As 5,000 athletes attended the weekend-long event, NSAF Race Day was downloaded more than 3,000 times. The app has given us a platform from which we can build on and identify opportunities for even-bigger successes with their future events: New Balance Indoor Nationals and the Great American Cross Country Festival.